MPD Announces March, 2016 Officer of the Month

  • MPD Announces March, 2016 Officer of the Month

    MPD Announces March, 2016 Officer of the Month

    During the past eight weeks, thousands of people from Martinsburg and across the country have been blown away by the amazing quality of the Martinsburg Police Department’s new website and social media accounts. This month, MPD is proud to recognize the police officer whose imagination and innovation put it together and made it happen—Patrolman Sam McGovern. McGovern is acknowledged for his initiative, skill, and professional excellence in developing and implementing MPD’s innovative website and social media programs.

    Through his hard work, dedication, attention to duty, and creativity—Patrolman McGovern has led the way in not only improving the Department’s communication and transparency, but also helping to positively impact the relationship between the Police Department and the city’s residents.

    Praise and recognition of Sam’s accomplishments have come from our Department, community, and City government. More than 3,400 people have “Liked” MPD’s Facebook page since its January launch. Chief Maury Richards says the quality of the Martinsburg P.D. website is “world-class,” equaling or surpassing those of much larger police departments declaring, “We’ll put MPD’s website up against any other police department in the country.”

    Deputy Chief George Swartwood credits the new website with “changing the face of MPD almost overnight…it’s just that good.” City Manager Mark Baldwin announced at the beginning of the month that he and Mayor George Karos have asked Patrolman McGovern to take a leading role in evaluating and improving the City of Martinsburg’s web presence as well.

    Patrolman McGovern is taking the award and recognition in stride. “It’s something I never expected, but it’s a real honor to be named Officer of the Month,” he stated, “and I’m grateful to my fellow officers who helped me with this project. I love being a cop, and to be part of a department where I can use all my talents is really special.”

    For his exceptional professionalism and outstanding effort that have achieved a significant positive impact on both the Martinsburg Police Department and community, Patrolman Sam McGovern is awarded MPD Officer of the Month for March, 2016.