Champion for Education

  • Champion for Education

    Champion for Education

    On Monday evening, May 2, 2016, Chief Maury Richards was named as a “Champion for Education” at the Berkeley County School Board meeting. The following is a statement regarding the award from Berkeley County Schools:

    Berkeley County Schools and the Martinsburg Police Department have always shared a professional and purposeful relationship. This great relationship is far more than the typical training assistance and implementation of a school resource officer program. Under the direction of Chief Maury Richards, this relationship has blossomed. It has expanded into additional areas of collaboration that impact both student instruction and safety.

    For example, Handle with Care is a combined effort between school level administration and the Martinsburg Police Department. Officers provide notification to the school when they have responded to a call at a home in which our student lives. This notification simply gives a heads up to the school that this student may act and perform differently in school that day. In simplest terms, school personnel should handle this child with care.

    Chief Richards and his officers continually reach out to our community with daily interactions in our schools, additional street patrols and quarterly meetings with city school administrators. Communication and service to our students, families and staff is a focus of his department. The Martinsburg Police Department, Berkeley County Schools and several community organizations will unite in delivering a presentation on May 16th titled Chasing the Dragon. This FBI and DEA documentary is aimed at youth with a message about drug addiction.

    For reasons that extend beyond these few examples, Berkeley County Schools honors the leadership of Chief Maury Richards and names him as a Champion for Education. Chief, we ask that you be the “keeper of the apple” on behalf of the collective efforts of the Department, and we ask that you share our appreciation with all members and employees. May this apple always symbolize our trust in you and your department that the youth of Berkeley County will be served with accountability, integrity, and respect.

    Chief Richards was surprised and honored to receive the award. He thanked Superintendent Manny Arvon, his staff, and the school board for the outstanding work they do in investing in our community’s youth. Congratulations Chief Richards!