MPD Executes Methamphetamine Search Warrant

  • MPD Executes Methamphetamine Search Warrant

    MPD Executes Methamphetamine Search Warrant

    On Friday, May 20, 2016 officers from the Martinsburg Police Department conducted a search warrant at a residence located at 900 ½ Wilson St, on a bottom floor apartment. This search warrant was the result of a controlled purchase of Crystal Methamphetamine which was previously conducted at this residence.

    Upon execution of the search warrant, officers detained and arrested three subjects. They were identified as a Ms. Ashley M. Grogg (DOB 1/12/86), Mr. Steve L. Stewart (DOB 8/5/77), and a Mr. Peter M. Moats. When officers made entry to the home Mr. Stewart fled to the bathroom and attempted to flush suspected Crystal Methamphetamine down the toilet. It was retrieved by officers.

    As officers were beginning to process the scene, there were two pit bull canines within the yard. Up to that time they were not being aggressive towards officers. Officers were beginning to make arrangements for the dogs to be either penned or removed by Animal Control officers when suddenly one of the dogs escaped from the yard.

    Patrolman Phelps was on Wilson St. with his K-9 partner, Argos. He was waiting to do a K-9 search of the residence. When the dogs escaped the yard one of the pit bulls charged at K-9 Argos. Ptlm. Phelps attempted to yell at the charging dog to leave but it continued as if it was going to attack Argos.

    At this time Ptlm. Phelps drew his service weapon from its holster and engaged the charging K-9. The pit bull was shot. It passed away on scene and was removed by Animal Control. No other persons or animals were injured during the execution of the search warrant.

    Arrested on this date were the three persons listed above. Mr. Stewart and Ms. Grogg have been charged with possession of controlled substances (CDS), and distribution of CDS (Crystal Methamphetamine). Mr. Moats has been charged with conspiracy to deliver CDS and possession of CDS (Crystal Methamphetamine).

    The defendants were processed at the Martinsburg Police Department and then brought to Berkeley County Magistrate Court for arraignment.