Murders of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Officers

  • Murders of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Officers

    Murders of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Officers

    Statement of Chief Maury Richards and Deputy Chief George Swartwood to department personnel regarding the July 17th murder of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Police Officers:

    We are appalled, outraged, and deeply saddened by Sunday’s deadly ambush of two Baton Rouge Police Officers and one Sheriff’s Deputy in Baton Rouge. For the second time this month, American law enforcement officers have been the victims of unthinkable violence.

    As we did after the murders of five of our brother officers in Dallas on July 7th, all Martinsburg Police Officers are urged to wear black mourning bands across their badges until the conclusion of the Baton Rouge funeral services.

    This summer has seen an unprecedented amount of violence against the police. We are aware of the emotional toll this has taken on all our officers and their families. Be assured that the leadership of the Martinsburg Police Department and our City supports you and the high level of professional service you bring every day to the citizens of our community.

    Despite the murderous actions upon our fellow officers by hate-filled individuals—we will continue to do our jobs on every shift with excellence. We remain confident in the knowledge that American law enforcement is the strongest force for public good in our country, and knowing that the vast majority of American citizens, of all races and backgrounds, support us and our mission of ensuring public safety in every community in the United States.

    Continue to work together and be safe.

    -Chief Maury Richards
    -Deputy Chief George Swartwood.