MPD Names Patrolman Everhart as Officer of the Month

  • MPD Names Patrolman Everhart as Officer of the Month

    MPD Names Patrolman Everhart as Officer of the Month

    Patrolman First Class James Shane Everhart has been selected as the Martinsburg Police Department’s Officer of the Month for February, 2017.

    An MPD veteran with 15 years of service, Shane is our department’s School Resource Officer (SRO) at Martinsburg High School. SRO Everhart also has the distinction of serving as Team Leader of MPD’s Special Response Team. Shane has earned the privilege of being detailed as a School Resource Officer as a result of his professionalism, outstanding work ethic, and enthusiasm in working with students, teachers, and staff in supporting the MPD mission. Shane’s hard work, dedication, and effectiveness is recognized by the entire Martinsburg High School community.

    “Officer Shane Everhart is doing an excellent job as the School Resource Officer at Martinsburg High School…He is always visible in our hallways and lunchroom making all individuals in the building feel safe. Officer Everhart has been integral in helping with the day-to-day operations of our school.”

    – Principal Trent Sherman

    SRO Everhart’s commitment to Martinsburg High School extends far beyond his scheduled working hours. Recently, the school experienced several break-ins that occurred after school hours. Windows were smashed; a vending machine was broken into; computers taken; and students’ money, jewelry, and clothing were stolen. Shane led the way in teaming up with Corporal Eric Neely, Patrolman Marc Loretta, Lieutenant Scott Doyle, and Principal Trent Sherman in identifying and arresting three offenders and returning much of the stolen property to its rightful owners.

    Officer Everhart is recognized as a street-smart cop who is tough, fair, and leads by example. Students look up to him and know that they can count on him. Shane has earned their trust through honesty, integrity, and open communication. He demonstrates a remarkable level of skill and ability in resolving conflicts and teaching young people how to work together to solve problems on their own. Describing what being a member of MPD means to him, Shane explained:

    “Being a police officer is always something that I wanted to do. I enjoy helping people. Working in the school gives me an opportunity to protect and serve, and being with these kids every day is the best way to impact their lives.”

    – SRO Shane Everhart

    Through his exceptional commitment, dedication to service, and outstanding effectiveness in positively impacting the lives of the students of Martinsburg High School—School Resource Officer Shane Everhart has demonstrated a level of excellence far above normal requirements and expectations. He is awarded Officer of the Month for February, 2017. Congratulations Shane!