Argos Cement Company Donates New Bikes to MPD Bike Patrol

  • Argos Cement Company Donates New Bikes to MPD Bike Patrol

    Argos Cement Company Donates New Bikes to MPD Bike Patrol

    The Martinsburg Police Department announced today the recent donation of four new mountain bikes from the Argos Cement Company to be used for MPD’s Bike Patrol.  The bicycles are 21 speed Cannondale “Enforcement 29” models equipped with disc brakes and valued at approximately $5,000.

    “Some of the old bikes we had been riding were more than 20 years old, but these are state-of-the-art,” said Lieutenant Scott Funkhouser, MPD’s Bike Patrol Unit Commander.  “Our bike officers have already been out on patrol riding the new bikes and we think they’re great!  They’re the best that our unit has ever had and will make a big difference for our officers and community,” Funkhouser stated.

    Bicycle and foot patrol have become a regular part of community policing in Martinsburg.  14 MPD officers are now Bike Patrol certified including two as instructors.  MPD’s Bike Patrol Commander says that the partnership with Argos Cement has been several years in the making, starting with a meeting between the Lieutenant and Argos’s Human Resource Manager C.D. Linton.  “A couple of years ago, I met C.D. Linton at a Police Unity Tour fundraiser,” recalled Funkhouser.  “C.D. told me how much Argos appreciated MPD’s service to the community and that he and Plant Manager Heinz Knopfel wanted to contribute.  Last year, the company contributed $1,000 for one new bike and this year, they’ve donated four more.  We have a great partnership that gets better every year,” Funkhouser stated.

    Plant Manager Heinz Knopfel, who directs the Martinsburg Argos operation, expressed his company’s pride in making the contribution.  “Our community is truly blessed to have such an outstanding police department that serves the City of Martinsburg, putting service and protection first. From all the employees and myself at the Martinsburg Argos cement facility, we say thank you!” stated Knopfel.  “We hope that our donations for five patrol bikes have increased the resources of the Department in order to enhance service to the community,” he added.

    “Cooperation between the police and our business community is vital to achieving the mission of the Martinsburg Police Department,” stated Chief Maury Richards.  “We deeply appreciate the support and generous donation from Argos Cement for the officers of our Bike Patrol Unit.  I would like to extend our thanks and recognition to Heinz Knopfel, C.D. Linton, and the entire Argos team.  They have all been just fantastic and a great example of our strong partnership with the Martinsburg business community,” Richards added.