Formation of Honor Guard

  • Formation of Honor Guard

    Formation of Honor Guard

    On Thursday, January 11th 2018 the Martinsburg Police Department unveiled their newly formed Honor Guard Unit at the Martinsburg City Council Meeting, amidst approval and applause from both City Council and the audience alike. The Honor Guard Unit presented colors and stood at attention for the opening pledge of allegiance at Thursday’s meeting.



    The formation of this unit had two main focuses and goals for need and use. First to instill pride and focus on the Martinsburg Police Department and highlight its character and forward movement. And secondly it is a way of formally recognizing special events and a vehicle to be utilized to bring honor and comfort to the family of a passing Law Enforcement officer or public dignitary.

    The unit consists of three officers; Pfc. Paul Lehman, Ptl. Marc Loretta and Ptl. Roderick Holloway.  This unit was formulated to be a volunteer three-man unit which would train together, form their own formations and be utilized as a team.

    The uniforms after in depth research were purchased from the Marlow White Company of Leavenworth Kansas at a complete uniform and tailoring expense of $2,615 which was given prior Council approval and blessing.

    Deputy Chief George B. Swartwood advised, “This Honor Guard is a service that has been long needed and will have a very positive effect on this department’s officers, morale, and the community in which they serve.” “Their initial performance can only be described as outstanding and we look forward to many more exhibitions of their professionalism, pride and expertise of formation and drill in the future.”

    Chief Maury Richards recognized Deputy Chief Swartwood for taking the initiative in creating MPD’s first Honor Guard Unit. “This is a great idea that was a long time in coming. George had the vision and made it happen” Richard stated.