MPD Quickly Solves Queen Street Robbery and Shooting with Arrest

  • MPD Quickly Solves Queen Street Robbery and Shooting with Arrest

    MPD Quickly Solves Queen Street Robbery and Shooting with Arrest

    Earlier today, the Martinsburg Police Department announced the arrest of Clyde Sylvester Patterson III, 59, for yesterday’s robbery and shooting of Guadalupe Bustillos, 64, of Martinsburg, at Lupita’s Grocery store located at 149 N. Queen Street.  Patterson, who resides at 125 N. Queen Street, was charged with Robbery and Malicious Wounding and is being held in the Eastern Regional Jail on a $120,000 bond.

    MPD officers responded at 4:37 p.m. to a 911 call of a woman shot on North Queen Street.  Upon entering the store, the officers discovered the victim laying on the floor.  Ms. Bustillos, the store’s owner, had been shot by a single gunshot to her face.  Patrolman Scott Shelton and Corporal Quenton Burner were the first officers to arrive on the scene.  They immediately called for Emergency Medical Services who responded and transported the victim to the Berkeley Medical Center for emergency treatment.     Ms. Bustillos was transported last night to Inova Fairfax Hospital for further medical treatment and evaluation.  She remains there in critical but stable condition.

    Witnesses had provided the police with a description of the offender as a black male, tall, and wearing a black jacket and blue jeans.  After police were unable to locate the suspect in the surrounding area with an initial search, MPD Detectives and Patrol officers began to thoroughly process the crime scene, locate and review surveillance camera video from local businesses, and interview witnesses.

    While directing the crime scene investigation and gathering evidence inside the store, Captain Kevin Miller recovered a loaded .38 caliber revolver that police believe to be weapon used in the crime.  The handgun has been sent to the West Virginia Crime Lab for forensic testing.  Investigating officers also observed that an unknown amount of money had been taken from the store’s cash register.

    Local businesses and a church provided police with full cooperation, providing immediate access to video footage of the Queen Street location immediately before and after the incident.  Detective Sergeant Adam Albaugh reviewed the extensive recordings and was able to see an image of the suspect in the nearby area before the robbery and leaving the store immediately after the robbery.  The suspect’s face was partially obscured and officers were unable to identify him upon an initial review.

    At approximately 7:00 p.m., while reviewing the photo of the suspect, Patrolman Danny North, one of MPD’s two Downtown foot patrol officers, alertly observed a distinctive item of clothing worn by the suspect, and recognized that he had seen it worn by a similar looking person at a recent call-for-service he had responded to.  Officer North immediately reviewed his Body Worn Camera video of the previous incident and found the clothing item was an exact match.  Based upon this connection, a possible identification of the suspect as Clyde Sylvester Patterson was made.  Patterson was located at his residence and placed under arrest.

    Sergeant Albaugh and Corporal Jared Luciano quickly drafted and obtained approval of an arrest warrant for Patterson and a search warrant for his residence at 125 N. Queen Street.  The search warrant was conducted by Captain Miller, Sergeant Albaugh, Corporal Luciano, and Detective Jon Smith.  Inside Patterson’s residence, the officers recovered clothing items matching those the suspect was wearing in the video, $175 in cash, and other evidence linking him to the crime.  Patterson was arrested at approximately 7:30 p.m. and appropriately charged three hours later.  Earlier today, Captain Miller and Corporal Luciano traveled to Fairfax, Virginia and met with Ms. Bustillos at Inova Fairfax Hospital.  She positively identified Patterson as the offender who robbed and shot her.                          

    Chief Maury Richards stated that, ”This was a very serious crime, but the quick response of citizens, responding officers, and emergency medical personnel saved Ms. Bustillos’ life.  The level of police professionalism and cooperation with our Downtown citizens, business, and faith-based community was amazing.  Great teamwork enabled MPD to identify and arrest a dangerous criminal in a matter of hours.”

    “This was a terrible and violent crime”, said Deputy Chief George Swartwood.  “The efforts performed by all involved were outstanding, especially that of Patrolman Danny North in identifying the suspect which led to his arrest.”  Swartwood stated that, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Guadalupe Bustillos and family for a full and speedy recovery.”

    The Martinsburg Chief also addressed safety concerns that residents may have because of the incident.  “This was a very tragic but isolated incident.  The lone offender responsible for this crime is in custody and no longer a threat to our community.  The Martinsburg Police Department will continue to provide dedicated Downtown foot patrol with Patrolmen Danny North and Bill Parks.  The safety and security of every Martinsburg resident, family, and business remains our Department’s top priority,” Richards said.