martinsburg police department

About the Department

Our mission

The Martinsburg Police Department is committed to preserving, promoting, and securing a feeling of security and safety for all members of our community through the practice and delivery of lawful and professional law enforcement services.

Our vision

We envision every officer being in partnership with all members of the community, community leaders, and surrounding areas to make our community and its neighboring communities a safe place to live.

Our strategy

The Martinsburg Police Department employs proactive patrol work, thorough criminal investigations, and community policing strategies to partner with the public in promoting the safety and well-being of the citizens of Martinsburg and our guests.
martinsburg police

About the Department

The Martinsburg Police Department is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations designed to protect the life and property of the citizens of the City and to improve their quality of life. We serve the approximately 18,000 residents of the city as well as over 100,000 residents of Berkeley County, WV. Each year, we respond to approximately 30,000 calls for service (both emergency and non-emergency) within the city of Martinsburg.

The largest unit within the Martinsburg Police Department is our patrol division. The department also includes specialized units such as our detective bureau, bicycle patrol unit, K-9 unit, and Special Response Team (SRT). MPD also has two officers assigned full-time to the Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crime Task Force.

Community Policing Initiatives

The Martinsburg Police Department operates under a community policing philosophy. We believe that the most effective way to promote the safety and well-being of our community is to develop proactive relationships with our citizens. By creating opportunities for officers to interact with citizens and businesses, our community can work together to solve problems within the city.

The department also seeks out opportunities to connect with the youth in our community and be a positive influence in their lives. Whether it's an officer playing a quick game of catch with some kids or a presentation by police in a local school, we're working hard to foster positive relationships with our future community leaders.


The Martinsburg Police Department welcomes inquiries from the public including correspondence related to community policing, law enforcement careers, and crime tips. Please feel free to visit the department to speak with us or contact us via the web or telephone.