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Crime Tips

This form is not to be used for report emergencies, or any crime involving any sort of physical injury. If you need make a report of this nature, please call 911.

The Martinsburg Police Department values our community's participation in observing and reporting suspicious activity within the city limits of Martinsburg, WV. This form is designed to make officers aware of suspicious activity only, and is not to be used to make a report if you observe activity that you recognize to be a violation of the law. An officer may, or may not contact you to follow up with your submission. If you need to speak with an officer, you must call the department at (304) 264-2100 or 911. Completing this form does not automatically dispatch a police officer to the specified location.

The Martinsburg city limits are represented by the darkened area on the map below. The Martinsburg Police department can only investigate suspicious activity that occurs within these city limits.

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