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Domestic Resources Liason

Officer Teresa Gibbons

Officer Teresa Gibbons serves as the Martinsburg Police Department's Domestic Violence Liaison Officer, helping to ensure that victims of abusive domestic relationships are connected with the resources they need and are treated with the highest respect and priority. Officer Gibbons works hand-in hand with the Shenandoah Women's Center and other local organizations to ensure long-term safety plans for victims of domestic abuse, and when appropriate, she also follows domestic violence cases to ensure that offenders are brought to justice. 

If you or someone you know would like to speak with Officer Gibbons about issues related to domestic violence, you can contact the Martinsburg Police Department at (304) 264-2100 to arrange a meeting, or email her at


Local Resource Contact Information

Martinsburg Police Department

(304) 264-2100
Contact MPD

Shenandoah Women's Center

(304) 263-8522 or
(304) 263-8292 (24-hour hotline)

Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

(304) 267-7000

Child/Adult Protective Services

(304) 267-0100

West Virginia State Police

(304) 267-0001

Berkeley County Magistrate Court 

(304) 264-1956