Officer of the Month

November 2017

Patrolman Ryan Fritz and Canine Titan

Patrolman Ryan Fritz and his partner, Police Canine Titan, have been selected as the Martinsburg Police Department’s Officers of the Month for November 2017.

“I love this job. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to do it!”
- Patrolman Ryan Fritz

Officer Ryan Fritz and Canine Titan form MPD’s new Canine Unit. Last Spring, after Fritz was selected as our Department’s Canine Handler and a new police dog was acquired, the students of Winchester Avenue and Burke Street Elementary Schools chose “Titan” as the name for our newest Department canine member. In August, after successfully completing their tough six-week training course, Ryan and Titan hit the ground running and haven’t looked back. Every day they are on the job, chasing down drug dealers, responding to calls, solving crime, backing up their fellow officers, and engaging with children, students, and youth all across Martinsburg. In addition to non-stop drug enforcement, the new partners have already made eight school visits and canine demonstrations since September.

Ryan and Titan’s most recent visit was to South Middle School. School Counselor Elizabeth Morgan, was there and very impressed.

“Officer Fritz did such a great job! He was great with the staff and wonderful with our kids…we all learned so much. He changed perceptions on how the police are seen. The kids embraced it…they know we’re on the same side,” Morgan said. “When Ryan started working with Titan, the place just went wild with applause. It was the coolest thing…you heard a lot of “Ooooo’s and Ahhhh’s! Officer Fritz is so personable and has such a positive attitude.”
- Counselor Elizabeth Morgan

Ryan Fritz, one of MPD’s two “Officers of the Year” in 2016, was selected as Canine Handler after being assessed in multiple areas including: self-initiated drug enforcement activity; interest in engaging with schools, youth, and community residents; work ethic; levels of activity and proactive police work; positive motivation, attitude, and Department morale; ability to function effectively as a team member; and dedication to the MPD mission.

Chief Maury Richards recognized the Canine Unit’s work. “It’s amazing how much Ryan and Titan have accomplished in such a short time, but really isn’t too surprising. As an Officer of the Year, Ryan proved that he’s an exceptional cop and now he has a great partner in Titan. Ryan Fritz and Titan are the real deal. They’re a fantastic team and helping take MPD to a new level of excellence,” Chief Richards stated. Deputy Chief George Swartwood says, “What Ryan and Titan are doing for our Department and City is tremendous. Their level of enthusiasm, professionalism, teamwork, and commitment to our community is simply outstanding!”

“Ryan Fritz and Titan are the real deal. They’re a fantastic team and helping take MPD to a new level of excellence.”
- Chief Maury Richards

Ryan was both proud and humble when awarded “Officer of the Month” with Titan. “It’s a great honor to receive the award because there are a lot of good officers who are deserving,” said Fritz. Ryan says that he and Titan have a growing bond and that he is highly motivated to rid our community of drug dealers.

“We have a strong relationship. In the morning, whenever we get close to the station, Titan starts to get amped up. He’s excited to come to work because I think Titan knows we are going to try to do something every day. I love drug work because it’s so challenging. I’m grateful to have learned from really good drug officers like Brian Rouse and Justin Harper. Drug dealers are bad…they prey on addicted people. If I can go to work and get a drug dealer off the street, I feel better at night.”
- Patrolman Ryan Fritz

Fritz also sees the importance of the police making a positive connection with youth in the community. “It’s fun. I enjoy talking to kids, educating them, getting them on our side, and trying to lead them on the right path,” says Fritz. “Kids in the neighborhoods have really gotten to know us too. When we’re out on foot patrol they’ll just run up to us and shout, ‘Hey, Titan!’ The kids love it. They all want to talk to him.”

Through their exceptional skill, dedication, and effectiveness in representing the Martinsburg Police Department and serving our community, Patrolman Ryan Fritz and Police Canine Titan have demonstrated a level of excellence far above normal requirements and expectations. They are awarded Officers of the Month for November 2017. Congratulations Ryan and Titan!

Officer of the Month Award

MPD is recognizing on a monthly basis, both sworn and non-sworn Department members who distinguish themselves by exemplary work and actions beyond the requirements of normal assignments and which represent the highest standards of policing and community service in the Martinsburg Police Department.

The Officer of the Month Award will be granted to a Department member or members whose performance of duty during a specific month was characterized by such exceptional professional skill that it merits recognition by the entire Department.

Criteria to be considered includes outstanding work that: Is varied and challenging; greatly affects people from all walks of life; improves community conditions and quality of life; furthers the ideals and values of the Martinsburg Police Department; achieves significant impact on public safety or crime reduction; resolves problems; brings credit to the Department; demonstrates leadership, initiative, and exceptional professionalism; improves police service to the public; or in other ways advance the goals of MPD.


Patrolman Ryan Fritz and Canine Titan