Officer of the Month

February 2018

Patrolman Michael Castelgrande and Patrolman Paul Lehman

Patrolman Michael Castelgrande and Patrolman Paul Lehman have been selected as the Martinsburg Police Department’s Officers of the Month for February 2018. 

Patrolman Castelgrande is a 9-year veteran of the Martinsburg Police Department.  Mike serves as a patrol officer, is a member of our Bicycle Patrol Unit, and operates one of MPD’s License Plate Reader units.  Patrolman Lehman has served 10 years as an MPD officer.  Paul is also assigned as a patrol officer and is a member of the Special Response Team, MPD Honor Guard, and our Bicycle Patrol Unit.  Paul also serves as an Advisor to our Police & Fire Explorer Post.

Through their hard work, conscientiousness, and cooperative attitude, Officers Lehman and Castlegrande have earned reputations as highly motivated professionals and team players. 

Mike Castlegrande and Paul Lehman are reliable—guys that you can count on.  They are hard workers with a positive attitude.  Mike and Paul are always willing to help.”             


                                                                                             Lieutenant Les Witt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Last month, their talents were on full display as they responded with fellow officers Lieutenant Les Witt and Corporal Eric Neely to a burglary-in-progress call at 738 Maryland Avenue.  A neighbor had reported that a flashlight could be seen inside the residence that was an unoccupied, “for sale” property.  As the responding officers arrived on the scene they observed an unlocked side door.  Entering the building, they quickly secured the area, sealed off all avenues of escape, and initiated a systematic search of the home.  Four burglary offenders in possession of property taken from the residence, were discovered inside.  The subjects were placed under arrest and the officers contacted the property’s owners to continue the investigation. 

“It was a total team effort…we really worked well together—responding,  assessing the situation, and taking appropriate action.”

                                                                                     Patrolman Mike Castlegrande

The officers gathered evidence and Patrolman Castlegrande processed the crime scene.  Castlegrande and Lehman immediately obtained felony warrants charging the three adult offenders and a Juvenile Petition for the 17-year-old offender.  All four were charged with Burglary and Conspiracy to Commit Burglary.  The two officers will continue pursuing the charges through the court system.

“Making arrests in a case like this helps prevent the same crime from occurring  in other parts of the city.” 

                                                                                             Patrolman Paul Lehman

Reflecting upon the incident and being recognized with the Officer of the Month Award, Patrolman Castlegrande stated, “It’s an honor to be recognized, but it was a total team effort with the members of my Shift.  We really worked well together—responding, assessing the situation, and then taking the appropriate action.”

Officer Lehman stated, “I appreciate the award and am really proud to be part of MPD.  It’s a great satisfaction to be able to help solve crimes like this in our community.  Making arrests in a case like this helps prevent the same crime from occurring in other parts of the city.” 

For their quick response, excellent teamwork, and outstanding professionalism that resulted in solving a burglary with four arrests, Patrolman First Class Michael Castelgrande and Patrolman First Class Paul Lehman are recognized as MPD Officers of the Month for February 2018.  Congratulations Mike and Paul!   

Officer of the Month Award

MPD is recognizing on a monthly basis, both sworn and non-sworn Department members who distinguish themselves by exemplary work and actions beyond the requirements of normal assignments and which represent the highest standards of policing and community service in the Martinsburg Police Department.

The Officer of the Month Award will be granted to a Department member or members whose performance of duty during a specific month was characterized by such exceptional professional skill that it merits recognition by the entire Department.

Criteria to be considered includes outstanding work that: Is varied and challenging; greatly affects people from all walks of life; improves community conditions and quality of life; furthers the ideals and values of the Martinsburg Police Department; achieves significant impact on public safety or crime reduction; resolves problems; brings credit to the Department; demonstrates leadership, initiative, and exceptional professionalism; improves police service to the public; or in other ways advance the goals of MPD.


Patrolman Michael Castelgrande and Patrolman Paul Lehman