Officer of the Month

October 2017

Corporal Marybeth Cole

Corporal Marybeth Cole has been selected as the Martinsburg Police Department’s Officer of the Month for October 2017.  An MPD veteran with 9 years of service, Marybeth leads by example, setting high standards of hard work, productivity, and enthusiasm for the job.

The prestigious award doesn’t come as a surprise to Lieutenant Mike Usack, Marybeth’s Shift Commander.      

“Marybeth Cole is a very positive person and genuinely enjoys being a police officer.  She’s highly motivated and utilizes her time to conduct excellent traffic enforcement, investigations, serving warrants and protection orders, and answering calls.  Corporal Cole is great at backing up her fellow officers and interacting with the community.  Her persistence and well-rounded combination of skills has led to her success.” 

                                                                                                Lieutenant Mike Usack

Corporal Cole’s hard work and dedication has been on full display this summer.  Since June, she has been among the activity leaders in the Department with 145 traffic citations, 30 arrests, and taking the lead in several successful felony investigations.

Her high level of professionalism is also noted by MPD’s Chief and Deputy Chief.  “Marybeth is a team player, supports the MPD mission, and as a supervisor, has really stepped up to the challenge of leadership,” stated Chief Maury Richards.  Deputy Chief George Swartwood observes that, “Marybeth is a solid supervisor.  She has outstanding activity and supports her people in the field.” 

When presented this month’s award, Corporal Cole not only expressed her appreciation but was also was quick to recognize the teamwork of her fellow officers.

“I love this job and this community.  Being the police gives me a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of Martinsburg residents. To me, that’s what community policing is all about.  MPD is a great police department and getting better all the time.  We’re moving in the right direction and I’m excited to be part of it. It’s an honor to be recognized as Officer of the Month.  I appreciate it, but what is really special for me is being able to work with hardworking and dedicated officers every day.”  

                                                                                                Corporal Marybeth Cole

Through her exceptional skill, dedication, and effectiveness in representing the Martinsburg Police Department and serving our community, Corporal Marybeth Cole has demonstrated a level of excellence far above normal requirements and expectations.  She is awarded Officer of the Month for October 2017.   Congratulations Marybeth! 


Officer of the Month Award

MPD is recognizing on a monthly basis, both sworn and non-sworn Department members who distinguish themselves by exemplary work and actions beyond the requirements of normal assignments and which represent the highest standards of policing and community service in the Martinsburg Police Department.

The Officer of the Month Award will be granted to a Department member or members whose performance of duty during a specific month was characterized by such exceptional professional skill that it merits recognition by the entire Department.

Criteria to be considered includes outstanding work that: Is varied and challenging; greatly affects people from all walks of life; improves community conditions and quality of life; furthers the ideals and values of the Martinsburg Police Department; achieves significant impact on public safety or crime reduction; resolves problems; brings credit to the Department; demonstrates leadership, initiative, and exceptional professionalism; improves police service to the public; or in other ways advance the goals of MPD.


Corporal Marybeth Cole