Officer of the Month

February 2019

Patrolman Rodney Crawford

Patrolman Rodney Crawford has been selected as the Martinsburg Police Department’s Officer of the Month for February, 2019.  An MPD veteran with 2 years of service, Officer Crawford is a great example of the outstanding new members that MPD continues to recruit.   

During the months of December and January, Officer Crawford set a high level of well-rounded enforcement activity starting with traffic safety—issuing 60 citations and 58 warnings.  As part of his pro-active community policing, Rodney also issued 7 criminal citations and made 20 physical arrests.

Lieutenant Les Witt, Patrolman Crawford’s Shift Commander, says that Rodney has proven himself to be an extremely valuable officer.    

“Patrolman Crawford has been a great addition to the Martinsburg Police Department.  He has a strong work ethic, steps up, looks for challenges, and is always eager to learn and improve his skills as a police officer.  Rodney is a real team player who you can always count on.”       

Lieutenant Les Witt

Officer Crawford’s attitude and commitment have made a positive impact on the Martinsburg community.  Last September, Rodney made contact with a mother whose five-year-old son, “CJ”, was in a local hospital and scheduled for transportation to Children’s Hospital for surgery to remove a stomach tumor.  Officer Crawford met the boy and promised to keep in touch.  The surgery was a success and CJ soon returned home to recover.

When Rodney checked in to see how CJ was doing, he learned that the boy’s bicycle was broken and beyond repair.  Without hesitation, Rodney and his wife, Jessica, bought a new bike for CJ at their own expense and organized their friends and neighbors to donate clothes and other necessities for CJ and his family.  CJ’s mom, Sarah, expressed her gratitude on MPD’s Facebook page, “"CJ is so happy with his new bike…I can't thank Patrolman Crawford enough for the kindness that he and his wife showed my son."

“Rodney is a great credit to the Martinsburg Police Department,” says Chief Richards.  “When he found a child in need, he didn’t think twice about helping him out of his own pocket.  He did something really special but was so humble about what he had done—we only found out it when CJ’s mom thanked him on Facebook.  That says a lot about the man’s character.  We’re proud to have Rodney Crawford on our team.”

“Rodney is a great credit to the Martinsburg Police Department.  When he found a child in need, he didn’t think twice about helping him out of his own pocket…We’re proud to have Rodney Crawford on our team.”

                                                                                                         Chief Maury Richards

Deputy Chief George Swartwood states that, “Patrolman Crawford is a good young officer and an asset to the Martinsburg Police Department.  The compassion that he showed to a child in need is exactly the type of community involvement and spirit of commitment that we strive for!”

Before becoming a police officer, Officer Crawford worked 15 years in construction.  Rodney says that being part of MPD is a dream come true. 

“I love my job.  It was my aspiration since I was a little kid. I thoroughly enjoy helping people.  For me, putting on the uniform and coming here every day isn’t like work—it’s fun.  Sometimes I can’t believe I actually get paid to do it!Every day is different and it will be as good as you want to make it.  I love MPD and I love my Shift—we have a great police department.  Visiting elementary schools and kids at the Boys & Girls Club is special because I have a chance to change lives.  A lot of these kids have grown up with so many negative images of the police from TV and maybe from home.  So, when they see us come in and sit down to help them read, shoot hoops, or a play a game of pool—they’re amazed.  It’s good to make a difference.  That’s where it’s at.”  

                                                                                        Patrolman Rodney Crawford  

Through his skill, dedication, and effectiveness in representing the Martinsburg Police Department and serving our community, Patrolman Rodney Crawford has demonstrated a level of excellence far above normal requirements and expectations.  He is awarded Officer of the Month for February, 2019.  Congratulations Rodney!


Officer of the Month Award

MPD is recognizing on a monthly basis, both sworn and non-sworn Department members who distinguish themselves by exemplary work and actions beyond the requirements of normal assignments and which represent the highest standards of policing and community service in the Martinsburg Police Department.

The Officer of the Month Award will be granted to a Department member or members whose performance of duty during a specific month was characterized by such exceptional professional skill that it merits recognition by the entire Department.

Criteria to be considered includes outstanding work that: Is varied and challenging; greatly affects people from all walks of life; improves community conditions and quality of life; furthers the ideals and values of the Martinsburg Police Department; achieves significant impact on public safety or crime reduction; resolves problems; brings credit to the Department; demonstrates leadership, initiative, and exceptional professionalism; improves police service to the public; or in other ways advance the goals of MPD.

crawford 2

Patrolman Rodney Crawford