The Task Force investigates drug and violent crime cases in the tri-county area (Berkeley, Morgan, and Jefferson).  All cases are prosecuted through the Northern District of West Virginia's Federal Court.  The Task Force performs long term drug  cases by conducting controlled drug purchases from individuals, then obtaining debriefings from other individuals for further drug weights for a higher sentence in the end.   

            The Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force consists of 8 total police officers with 1 secretary.  The task force has 2 officers (Sergeant and Corporal) from the Martinsburg Police Department, 1 officer (Corporal) from the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, and 5 officers (1 First Sergeant, 1 Sergeant, and 3 Corporals)  from the West Virginia State Police.  All the above listed officers are deputized through the West Virginia State Police